Hops & Scotch

Taproom & Whisk(e)y Bar

Located at the corner of Treat and Oak at the Contra Costa Centre in Walnut Creek! - Free Parking in the garage behind the bar.

(Hops & Scotch is not affiliated with Hopscotch)

The main staple of Hops & Scotch and the main reason we built this bar is Craft Beer. Everyone uses the term Craft Beer, but what is Craft Beer exactly?  

Back in the nineties when beer was brewed by small, independent brewers it was called microbrew. The word microbrew has all but disappeared these days and there is a good reason for that. It’s actually a legal term that limited how many barrels of beer a brewery could produce and still be considered a microbrewery. The term just stopped making sense.

This is when the term Craft Beer was born. Craft beer is a great term because it is not legally restrictive and we all know what it is, or at least what it is not. It seems generic enough but absolutely perfect in describing the sort of beer we love; beer that is CRAFTED instead of MANUFACTURED. 

We have some of the best Crafted Beer available (and some that aren't normally available). We have 50 rotating taps so there will always be something new to try. If you can’t decide on one, try one of our custom flights or make your own.